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About Us

About Us

We Are Wilmington Health

Since 1971, Wilmington Health has been committed to the care and health of our community in Wilmington as well as all of Southeastern North Carolina. Wilmington Health is physician-owned primary care and multi-specialty medical practice. In this way, Wilmington Health is able to provide a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the care of all our patients. Wilmington Health is committed to using collaborative, evidence-based medicine in providing the highest quality of care to the patients we serve.

Wilmington Health was named a 2013 Acclaim Award Honoree by the American Medical Group Association (AMGA). The prestigious honor is awarded annually to only three national healthcare organizations. Previous esteemed Acclaim Award Honorees include Mayo Clinic Health System, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and The Cleveland Clinic.

In 2016, Wilmington Health was presented the inaugural Transformation in Health Care award by Optum, the health services business of UnitedHealth Group. This award recognizes organizations that have made an extraordinary impact on the healthcare system in three areas of transformational change: modernizing infrastructure, advancing care, and empowering consumers. Learn more about this award here.

In 2017 the AMGA Foundation recognized Wilmington Health as one of the Foundation Stars. Read more about this award here

Becoming a High-Performance Health System

Wilmington Health’s drive to become a High-Performance Health System (HPHS) began over five years ago by taking a programmatic approach involving a three-part system of change including direction setting by our leadership, process improvement at the ground level, and a redesign of the most elemental processes throughout the organization.

A priority was given to paying careful attention to metrics, analysis, and critical assessment of each innovation and how these changes may affect the total cost of care. Only by understanding each of these aspects at work was the organization able to pragmatically and intelligently design a future approach to the provision of healthcare.

Additionally, Wilmington Health leadership began to put greater focus on creating a culture of change within the organization, understanding that this is the most powerful tool in any transformative process. Included were new and improved support systems for staff and providers and development of an inspirational approach to leading the entire team to provide patient-centered healthcare.

Wilmington Health partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to form an ACO agreement. This was the first insurer-provider Accountable Care Organization in the region. Currently Wilmington Health providers participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) through Physicians Healthcare Collaborative (PHC), a Wilmington Health subsidiary.

In May 2013, Wilmington Health released data that showed a three-year trend of substantial savings to the Medicare system and improved healthcare outcomes for patients seen by Wilmington Health providers versus other healthcare providers across the country. The data was collected and analyzed from the past three years’ worth of Medicare participants’ claims. In 2012, Wilmington Health showed an average total yearly expenditure by a Medicare patient at $7,019, down 11.7% from the organization’s 2010 numbers and $2,844 less than all other recent MSSP participants, a 28.8% savings.

In addition to tracking financial improvements, Medicare also provides data on a variety of healthcare quality measures. Examples of quality measures from the Medicare data that confirm the superior performance by Wilmington Health to its peer group include: a 37.6% lower Patient Hospitalization Rate (per 1,000 person years), a 38.6% lower Emergency Department Visit Rate (per 1,000 person years), and 20.5% lower 30-day Hospital Readmission Rate (per 1,000 discharges). Take a look at our current numbers here

The care given at Wilmington Health facilities is organized around a state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record (EHR). This allows our physicians and nurses to remain in close communication with each other, which is critical in today's complex medical system.

Wilmington Health provides comprehensive, up-to-date care in multiple medical specialties, including allergy/immunology, audiology, cardiology, electrophysiology, dermatology, diabetes education, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hearing aid services, infectious diseases, neurology, nutrition services, occupational health services, oncology, podiatry, pulmonary, rheumatology, urology, and weight management.

General, vascular, endovascular, colorectal, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopaedic, ear nose and throat, plastic and reconstructive, and robotics are among the surgical procedures we offer. Our primary care services are family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics. Although many physicians at Wilmington Health tend to their patients at the hospital, Wilmington Health also has a highly specialized group of internists specializing in hospital-based medicine.

Wilmington Health also offers medical services such as sleep evaluations, physical therapy, neurodiagnostic testing, general radiology, and CT and MRI imaging. We are able to perform a variety of cardiologic services: nuclear medicine, echocardiography, pacemaker evaluations, catheterizations, and HeartScore cardiac calcium scoring. We also have a fully integrated vascular laboratory for the evaluation of circulatory problems. 

Wilmington Health is committed to keeping patients of all ages and with issues of all complexities healthy. And, we are continually evolving our approach to healthcare, so the needs of our patients are met in as friendly an atmosphere as possible. Wilmington Health strives to be the center of medical and surgical excellence in this community and your healthcare destination of choice.