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TRUE Care for Heart Health.

At Wilmington Health Cardiology, the team provides comprehensive care for all types of heart and vascular conditions.

Using the latest in non-invasive technology and procedures, we can make rapid and accurate diagnoses. In patients without heart or vascular disease, we provide preventive care aimed at slowing the process of plaque buildup in arteries (atherosclerosis).

Our team approach utilizes behavioral interventions/lifestyle modification, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and medications to benefit our patients. Our goal for every patient is to improve symptoms and quality of life, while increasing life expectancy.

Cardiology Services

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Comprehensive Care

Our goal is to improve symptoms and the quality of life, while increasing life expectancy. Learn more about our care.

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HeartScore Cardiac Calcium Score

Learn about our painless, 30-second test that can change your life.

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Structural Heart Program

Wilmington Health is always striving to collaborative and innovative solutions that demonstrate quality, reduce the cost of care, and improve the patient […]

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Nuclear Stress Testing

If you are getting a nuclear stress test, please read these instructions.

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Find out how you can refer your patient to Wilmington Health’s Cardiology department.

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M.E.D. School for Patients

These live seminars allow patients the ability to interact with one of our health care experts regarding specific diagnoses or topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers for some of our most frequently asked questions.

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I feel that Dr. Bishop's clinical and diagnostic skills are a major factor in my cardiac stability. I would recommend him in a 'heartbeat.'


"The cardio staff were as usual top-notch very efficient very prompt and very friendly. They took our information from the appointment request got to send to see Dr. Roberts nurse Meredith she took us up and had our all the vitals done in the front other fine stuff, she did electro cardiogram And then I stop and then I had as an echo cardiogram to determine my health Heart Health as far as frequency. Ejection frequency. Dr. Roberts, as usual, had read through my file the night before knew everything that was going on with me and treated me as a member of the team reiterating that I was the team leader and he was there to help us achieve the positive goals he had set out for us . I cannot speak any higher of the quality of care I get from the cardio group. Thank you for asking my opinion."

Richard S.
Prescription counseling is here to help you

Prescription counseling is here to help you

Don’t let cost prevent you from filling your prescription needs. At Wilmington Health, we provide counseling to find affordable solutions for all our patients. Our pharmacists can offer discount cards, assistance programs, and more.

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