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Supporting your hearing with TRUE Care.

Wilmington Health audiologists can evaluate, diagnose, treat, and help manage hearing loss, for patients of all ages who suffer from tinnitus, balance disorders, and other conditions related to hearing loss. Our audiologists—all of them doctors of audiology (Aud)— use the latest technologies to assess your hearing. We also work with your ear, nose, and throat physicians to provide you with the appropriate treatments for the best possible outcome. We can even help you with the sale and servicing of the latest hearing aids.

2021 Best of the Best Shorepicks Winner

“Thank you Wilmington and surrounding areas for voting Wilmington Health Audiology as the “Best Hearing Aid Center” in Wilmington, NC.”

Audiology Services

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Hearing Loss

Find out if you should consider setting up an audiological evaluation.

Learn More about Hearing Loss

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The Ear and Hearing

Learn more about the ear and hearing.

Learn More about The Ear and Hearing

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Dizziness or vertigo can indicate a problem in the system that helps us maintain our balance.

Learn More about Balance

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That ringing, clicking, roaring or hissing sound that you hear isn’t your imagination and could be caused by tinnitus.

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Find out how you can refer your patient to Wilmington Health’s Audiology department.

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TRUE Care through Covid

TRUE Care through Covid

Our number-one priority is helping patients and the community through the ongoing global pandemic. Access the latest information on our COVID protocols, vaccine information and for a list of frequently asked questions.