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Clinical Pharmacy

TRUE Care for your prescriptions.

Wilmington Health’s clinical pharmacy services are provided by our clinical pharmacist, Megan Tingle, PharmD, CPP. Dr. Tingle is a Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner (CPP). A CPP works with a supervising physician, and can, when appropriate, make their own medication recommendations or implement medication changes during the visit. 

Wilmington Health wants to make sure you can get the prescriptions and the medications you need. To help you afford the cost of your medications, we can help you find less expensive alternatives, or we can provide discount prescription cards.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

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View our services and get to know our clinical pharmacist Dr. Tingle.

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Find out more about what our clinical pharmacy team does and how they can support your prescription needs.

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Patient Resources

Medication assistance, safe medicine use and more.

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Medicine Safety

Learn more about medicine safety.

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WH Anywhere, for TRUE Care Everywhere

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