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At Wilmington Health Cardiology, we provide comprehensive care for heart and vascular disease. Using the latest in non-invasive imaging technology, we can make rapid and accurate diagnoses. Our physicians also perform all required procedures to maintain heart health. For patients concerned about their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, our physicians focus on the prevention of atherosclerosis (plaque buildup), which can put patients at risk for heart attack, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease.

Cardiology in Southport is no longer available. To continue or establish care with Wilmington Health Cardiology, please call our office on Medical Center Drive at 910.341.3301 to schedule an appointment.

We can also support you by scheduling a WH Anywhere, Virtual Visit (video call with our doctors)! Please call into our office today at 910.341.3400 to inquire about appointment options, as most can be conducted via a Virtual Visit.

Our Cardiology providers

Wilmington - 1202 Medical Center
Bishop, Andrew, MD, FACC
Roberts, Gregory, MD, FACC
Monroe, Kathryn, NP-C
Snyder, Steve, MSN, FNP-C
Janik, Matt, MD, FACC
Smith, Carin, MD, FACC
Andler, Pam, NP-C
Sarro, Dina, NP-C
Porters Neck - 8090 Market
Roberts, Gregory, MD, FACC
Abrams, Cyril, MD, FACC

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