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WH AnyWHere

For TRUE Care, everywhere.

WH AnyWHere provides full telehealth access to the providers throughout Wilmington Health ANY day, ANY way, ANYwhere. Using “virtual visits” our providers can ensure that you receive the care you need from the comfort and safety of your home. To optimize a WH AnyWHere virtual doctor’s visit, a tablet or laptop computer with a camera is preferred; however, cellphones can also be utilized. If your devices do not have video capability, no worries, our providers can support you via phone call as well!

Wilmington Health is dedicated to providing you ample access to care, so that we continue to optimize your health from ANYWHERE. This will allow you to maintain your regular, preventative care and medical needs without interruption. Wilmington Health’s number one priority is to be sure our patients’ care is efficient, convenient, and accessible. Wilmington Health patients trust that we will always do our part to keep our patients out of an emergency room.

There are multiple ways to schedule a virtual doctor’s appointment using WH AnyWHere.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you please report any technical difficulties that you encounter while using WH AnyWHere by calling 910-341-3400.

For patients with COVID symptoms and/or exposure, we ask you to call the WH AnyWhere Hotline at 910-341-3400, and you will be provided a same day telehealth visit.

Please use the following checklist when setting up and preparing for your WH AnyWHere Virtual Visit

  • You will receive an appointment confirmation email or text that supports testing your device and making sure you have theappropriate browser. See sample e‐mail below.
  • Set up camera at eye level
  • Test microphone and speaker
  • Take visit in a quiet room
  • If possible, have a family member or someone with you to help take notes or ask questions
  • If possible, take blood pressure and write down reading
  • If possible, weigh yourself and write down your weight
  • Have a list of your medication including dosage and frequency
  • Take your temperature and write down reading
  • Write down any updates to your family medical history
  • Have a list of all of your healthcare providers and suppliers
  • List any questions you may have for the doctor
WH AnyWHere portal

In preparation for your Wilmington Health AnyWHere visit, please use this Video Test Link to make sure that device will function properly for both audio and video portions of the visit.

It was simple, convenient, and my doctor made it just as personable as an in-office visit.

Prescription counseling is here to help you

Prescription counseling is here to help you

Don’t let cost prevent you from filling your prescription needs. At Wilmington Health, we provide counseling to find affordable solutions for all our patients. Our pharmacists can offer discount cards, assistance programs, and more.

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