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Hospitalists are physicians who chose to dedicate their careers entirely to the care of the acutely ill hospitalized patients in our community, with considerable experience and expertise in a wide range of acute illnesses ranging from cardiac conditions to stroke and infections, and an eye toward ensuring that many chronic medical conditions are coordinated and managed together as a continuum of care between the office and hospital. Hospitalist physicians in general have been leaders in the movement to make hospitals safer places for patients.

Our Hospitalist providers

Kevin Cannon, MD
Mesha M. Chadwick, MD
Josh Dobstaff, MD
Sejal Patel, MD
Timothy Pattison, MD
Gajarah Peterson, MD
David Schultz, MD
Kristi Simms, MD
Lauren Wilson, MD
Adelynn V. Gerstenberger, PA-C
Emily Reavill, PA-C
Morgan Carson, PA-C
Justin Tilley, PA-C
Jenna Shemwell, NP-C
Dosher Memorial Hospital
Mesha M. Chadwick, MD
Josh Dobstaff, MD
Lauren Wilson, MD
Stephen Funkhouser, DO