Dr. Brian Daily graduated from Ross University School of Medicine with a Doctor of Medicine. Dr. Daily is board-certified in Family Medicine with the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). Dr. Daily has clinical expertise in a variety of clinical areas, including preventative medicine, emergency medicine, sports medicine, women’s health, dermatology, pediatric medicine, chronic disease management, and psychiatry.

Dr. Daily is a published physician and also has international experience, where he has become conversational in the Spanish language.

Dr. Daily enjoys rock climbing and bouldering, snowboarding, functional fitness and endurance sports.

Patient Satisfaction

Our patient satisfaction surveys help us identify areas of improvement to work toward providing you with the best healthcare in the area. Patient satisfaction, along with increasing the quality of care delivered and reducing healthcare costs, are the three organizational objectives we focus on each and every day.

How does Brian Daily compare?

  • How would you rate getting an appointment as soon as you needed? 

    4.70 out of 5
  • How would you rate how well this provider communicates? (easy to understand, listens carefully to you, shows respect for what you had to say, sensitivity, friendliness)

    4.82 out of 5
  • Using a number from 1 to 5, where 5 is the best provider possible and 1 is the worst provider possible, what number would you use to rate this provider?

    4.75 out of 5
  • When this provider orders a blood test, x-ray, or other test for you, how would you rate how well this provider’s office follows up to give you those results?

    4.53 out of 5


"Dr. Daily is a great doctor, he listens to what your concerns are and has always made me feel better. Always takes the time to fully explain options and answers all my questions during my appointment. He is very observant and has brought things to my attention I would of otherwise missed. Great personality and manner and perfect for dealing with patients."


"Dr. Daily is the most amazing doctor I've ever met, without a doubt. I knew the moment he walked in the room he is the best provider for my son with autism. His vibe and energy is so positive! He put my mind at ease and I'm writing this review literally while still sitting in the parking lot because I couldn't wait."


"Dr. Daily is the best physician I’ve ever had. He’s personable, listens closely and discusses his plans with me. I cannot say enough about him and the care he provides. Thank you Dr. Daily for all you do!!"