Collaborative Care

Wilmington Health Collaborative Care is a new primary care clinic focused on Family Medicine led by Dr. Brian Daily and Dr. Elijah Engwall. One of our main priorities for this clinic is to ensure that you have access to your primary care team right when you need it. Dr. Daily partners with Emily Warden, NP and other advanced care practitioners (ACPs) to create a team-based approach that emphasizes enhanced access for you. If you are a Dr. Daily patient, you may see your appointment scheduled with Dr. Daily or Emily Warden, NP. If you are a Dr. Engwall patient, you may see your appointment scheduled with Dr. Engwall or Elaine Williams, NP. This model will ensure that you have fast access to care in the future, avoiding the need to over-utilize urgent care or the emergency department.

Your first visit at Wilmington Health Collaborative Care will be treated as a health care orientation, introducing you to the clinic, your care providers, proper use of the health system, reviewing important medical history to create personalized care plans, and addressing current health concerns.

To schedule your next appointment with Dr. Daily’s team or Dr. Engwall’s team, please call 910-772-6290.

Collaborative Care Services