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Covid-19 Latest Message from Our Experts

    Matthew Sincock, MD

Latest Update from Our Experts Regarding (COVID-19), July 29, 2020

Dear Community,

At this time authorities are taking steps to move forward through the recovery and reopening process, that does not mean the pandemic has stopped being a real threat. Limiting direct contact and other measures of protecting yourself from the virus remains important to protect yourself as well as our more vulnerable family, friends, and neighbors We can easily provide most of your routine checkups and well visits through WH Anywhere.  In the event it is essential for you to visit one of our offices, our policies and procedures have been developed with the advice of our Infection Control experts and are designed to help keep you safe.

COVID-19 remains a tremendous health concern at present that has spread across the globe. Unfortunately, the number of cases and deaths in the United States has increased dramatically. Physical distancing and other measures including wearing masks to slow the spread of infection and prevent a surge of cases in our local hospitals remains critically important. As noted while some local governments have made the decision to loosen restrictions we think it remains important to continue efforts to protect yourself and prevent becoming another link in a chain of infection Information about the virus continues to change on a near-daily basis and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We at Wilmington Health will continue to try and update our patients and provide information about the state of local spread. We also encourage you to obtain information from reliable sources such as the CDC.

However, there are several points that need to be made:

How dangerous is the virus?

How is the virus spread?

How can I prevent the spread of this virus?

What about travel?

Future Outlook

Thank you for reading, and please follow our website and/or Facebook for ongoing updates! Wilmington Health will continue to monitor this closely!


Dr. Sincock

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