Safety and Visitor Protocols

Wilmington Health has a dedicated team of Infection Control experts who are in daily, consistent communications with the CDC and Public Health Department. Wilmington Health is following all current CDC guidelines for Infection Control and Sanitation of patient spaces. We have installed plexiglass shields at patient check-in areas. There is appropriate signage throughout the buildings educating on wayfinding, social distancing, and other CDC recommendations. Also, all patient spaces are routinely cleaned throughout the day, and again following all CDC guidelines. Wilmington Health is dedicated to providing safe and clean patient spaces. You and your family can feel comfortable when entering our buildings.

We also have established the following protocols:

  • Mask Guidance: While Covid-19 remains a serious illness for many people, it is not currently placing nearly as large a strain on the health care system as the period from 2020 – 2022. Masking at this time will be optional for both patients and staff. While the universal masking policy has been lifted, there will remain certain circumstances where mask wearing will be required. We will provide patients with masks when necessary. These protocols will prevent spread not only of Covid-19, but also other common respiratory illnesses spread in the same manner.
  • Masks will be required for the following scenarios and settings for both patients and visitors:
    • If you are symptomatic with respiratory illness and/or flu-like symptoms.
    • If you prefer our team members where a mask throughout your visit, we will comply and respect our patients’ wishes.
    • If you visit one of the following locations, you may be requested to wear a mask if high risk of COVID-19 infection is present:
      1. Infusion Center at Silver Stream
      2. Oncology at Silver Stream
      3. Rheumatology at Silver Stream
      4. Today’s Cares or Urgent Care at Jacksonville
      5. Pediatrics at Northchase
  • Social Distancing: We encourage social distancing in all spaces in our buildings; including elevators. We encourage usage of the stairs if a patient is able.
  • Visitors: Only patients with scheduled appointments are permitted to enter our buildings at this time.
  • Most Importantly: We ask that all that wish to enter our building be truthful and forthcoming about their symptoms. We promise to provide care, and we will not turn patients away if they are *symptomatic.

*Note: If a patient is symptomatic, we have many appointment options and locations that can safely cater to any patient. We will provide these options at time of visiting our buildings. We do though still encourage any symptomatic patient to stay home and call (910)-341-3400 first to be telehealth screened. This will allow for utmost convenience for the patient, as we can direct at that time to the most appropriate patient appointment option.