Wilmington Health continues to monitor the COVID-19 commonly known as Coronavirus. Patients’ safety, health and the health of our community are Wilmington Health’s priority.  Wilmington Health is currently following all CDC guidelines and updates. At this time authorities are taking steps to move forward through the recovery and reopening process, that does not mean the pandemic has stopped being a real threat.  Limiting direct contact and other measures of protecting yourself from the virus remains important to protect yourself as well as our more vulnerable family, friends, and neighbors. For the protection of our patients and staff, we require that all staff and patients (over the age of two) wear a mask when within our buildings.

We can easily provide most of your routine checkups and well visits through WH Anywhere. In the event it is essential for you to visit one of our offices, our policies and procedures have been developed with the advice of our Infection Control experts and are designed to help keep you safe. Wilmington Health is now offering drive-through COVID-19 swab testing at our Open Air sites at our 1202 Medical Center Drive, Porters Neck, and Jacksonville locations. Patients must schedule a telehealth visit with one of our providers, and then a testing time will be scheduled (if indicated). Learn more by clicking here.

WH Anywhere Virtual Visits
We are now providing virtual visits called WH Anywhere. These visits will be scheduled with patients upon the pre-screening process by texting or calling your provider’s office directly.

Message from Our Expert

Infectious Disease doctor Matthew Sincock provides updates on the COVID-19 virus.

Vaccine Appointments

Schedule your COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine appointment.

Boosters or Additional Doses

Learn about COVID-19 Booster eligibility and recommendations for additional doses.

Wilmington Health has a dedicated team of Infection Control experts who are in daily, consistent communications with the CDC and Public Health Department. Wilmington Health is following all current CDC guidelines for Infection Control and Sanitation of patient spaces. We have installed plexiglass shields at patient check-in areas. There is appropriate signage throughout the buildings educating on wayfinding, social distancing, and other CDC recommendations. Also, all patient spaces are routinely cleaned throughout the day, and again following all CDC guidelines. Wilmington Health is dedicated to providing safe and clean patient spaces. You and your family can feel comfortable when entering our buildings.

We also have established the following protocols:

  • Mask Guidance: We require all that enter our buildings to wear a mask or face covering from the time they enter until the time they leave. The mask must be worn appropriately and pulled up to cover the nose and mouth at all times. Per the CDC, masks are not required for patients under the age of 2.

    We are aware of the recent updated guidance on use of masks for individuals who have been vaccinated. However, as part of that guidance for certain settings, which includes health care facilities, it was still recommended to continue to use masks. Here at Wilmington Health, we often have individuals who are at higher risk for infection for a variety of reasons (including but not limited to patients being on chemotherapy, previously received organ transplants, dialysis patients, etc.) for whom the risk of infection is still very real. Given these factors and the fact that there is still a significant percentage of adults in the surrounding counties who have not yet been vaccinated, Wilmington Health will still recommend wearing a mask when on site.

    From CDC: COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting you from getting sick. Based on what we know about COVID-19 vaccines, people who have been fully vaccinated can start to do some things that they had stopped doing because of the pandemic. These recommendations can help you make decisions about daily activities after you are fully vaccinated. They are not intended for healthcare settings. Click here to read more.

    From NC DHHS: “In accordance with the new CDC guidance, there will still be certain settings where masks and other safety measures will be required. Masks will still be required in childcare, schools, and camps. Everyone, including people who are fully vaccinated, will still be required to wear a mask in certain settings such as public transportation, health care settings like hospitals, doctor’s offices and long-term care settings like nursing homes, and certain congregate settings like prisons and homeless shelters. People who are not vaccinated should wear a mask and maintain distance in all indoor public settings and in outdoor settings when they can’t maintain six feet of distance.” Click here to read more.

  • Social Distancing: We encourage social distancing in all spaces in our buildings; including elevators. We encourage usage of the stairs if a patient is able.
  • Visitors: Only patients with scheduled appointments are permitted to enter our buildings at this time.
  • Most Importantly: We ask that all that wish to enter our building be truthful and forthcoming about their symptoms. We promise to provide care, and we will not turn patients away if they are symptomatic*.

*Note: If a patient is symptomatic, we have many appointment options and locations that can safely cater to any patient. We will provide these options at time of visiting our buildings. We do still encourage any symptomatic patient to stay home and call 910-341-3400 first to be telehealth screened. This will allow for utmost convenience for the patient, as we can direct at that time to the most appropriate patient appointment option.

Wilmington Health is taking all strides to be sure our patients continue to receive excellent access to care. Wilmington Health is providing our patients with virtual visits which can be scheduled by clicking here during business hours from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. To request an appointment after hours, please click here. We are resuming with some services in-clinic per notations below.

Please be aware: Staff and patients (over the age of two) are required to wear masks. Visitors are not permitted within the buildings at this time. Visitors are not permitted within the buildings at this time. Only patients with scheduled appointments are permitted out of COVID safety precautions. Wilmington Health has put all precautions in-place to provide the utmost safety for our patients.

Many visits can be conducted as a WH Anywhere virtual or telehealth visit. If interested in a virtual visit, please text or call your provider’s office, or you can simply send a message via Patient Portal.

Open Air Clinic Capabilities and Service Offerings:

All patients will be pre-screened and temperature-checked prior to access to our Open-Air Clinics (outdoor tents).

  • Phlebotomy – Previously scheduled lab appointments, vaccines, and/or routine lab appointments
  • Some provider-approved, routine visits will be conducted in our Open-Air Clinics

To learn more about the Cleanliness and Safety of our Practices, click here.

Wilmington Health is currently conducting treatment for patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19. Wilmington Health has procured Sotrovimab for treatment of patients early in the course of infection who are at risk of severe Covid-19 due to the omicron variant. Regeneron is no longer being used due to ineffectiveness against omicron. Sotrovimab is a monoclonal antibody directed against a protein common to multiple strains of Coronavirus. It was shown, in a placebo-controlled study of 1100 unvaccinated patients with mild to moderate Covid-19, to reduce the incidence of hospitalization or death by 85% compared to placebo. This drug is available under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA. The FDA’s patient fact sheet is available here.

Wilmington Health is treating patients with early COVID who are at risk of hospitalization. To qualify for this treatment, the patient must have, but are not limited to, the following risk factors:

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Overweight
  • Chronic lung, cardiovascular, or kidney disease, including high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • History of transplant
  • Immunosuppressive diseases or medications
  • Pregnancy

Please note:

  • If you currently have COVID: Please get evaluated immediately if you have risk factors for severe Covid (call 910-341-3400) as early treatment is most effective.
  • Because of VERY small allotments of sotrovimab in the community, the demand at a given time may outstrip the supply

Instructions for Sotrovimab Infusion Patients:

  • Our infusion facility is located at 1802 South 17th Street
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled infusion time and park at the infusion signs. Someone will meet you at your car, please wear a mask.
  • Call the number listed on the signs posted in the parking lot, and staff will come to your car to get you when your chair for infusion is ready.
  • You are welcome to bring someone with you if needed, but should you have someone else come with you, we would strongly advise that any other individuals riding in same vehicle as infected patient all wear masks and ride with the windows open.
  • Total treatment time from start to finish is approximately 2 hours

If you would like to know if you qualify for this treatment or have questions, please call 910-341-3400 OR your healthcare provider.

Today’s Care at Wilmington Health is here to treat your non-emergency needs such as UTI’s, allergies, infections, minor injuries and cuts, as well as sprains and pains. We can also coordinate X-rays, CT’s, MRI’s, and Ultrasound studies at one of our radiology locations if necessary, as well as emergent referrals to specialists.

Click here to find a location near you and see current hours of operation.

Wilmington Health will be using various means of communication to keep patients informed about ongoing efforts related to COVID-19. Now is an opportune time for patients to sign up for Wilmington Health’s Patient Portal to receive real-time practice updates. Simply call or text your provider’s office directly to sign up for Patient Portal (operational between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm).

Wilmington Health is Proactive, Protective, and Prepared. Wilmington Health cares about our community and fostering reassurance during these times is our number one priority. Thank you for allowing Wilmington Health to serve our community’s healthcare needs.