Spinal Cord Stimulation

Partnering with Nevro, Wilmington Health’s Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine department now offers HFX, a comprehensive solution that includes a Senza spinal cord stimulation system and affiliated patient data services. 

Spinal cord stimulation represents a non-drug option to treat chronic back and leg pain as well as painful diabetic neuropathy. It involves the delivery of electrical signals to the spinal cord in order to alter pain signals to the brain. The electrical pulses are delivered by small electrodes on leads that are placed near the spinal cord and are connected to a compact battery implanted under the skin. SCS is a reversible therapy that has helped hundreds of thousands of people experience relief from chronic pain. Patients first evaluate the therapy in a one-week temporary trial before committing to an implant. 

The solution includes the widest range of frequencies and waveforms available, offering patients 10 kHz high – frequency and 2-1,200 Hz low-frequency programs to individualize relief. The device is implanted during a quick and minimally invasive procedure, then delivers mild pulses at a high frequency near the spinal cord to stop pain signals from reaching the brain. Every patient receives an HFX Coach™ to help optimize relief following the procedure.

Image of a Nervo stimulator
Image of Christopher Hess

Christopher A. Hess, MD is a Harvard-trained board certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Specialist. His crisp perspective and Harvard-training has given him the assets to treat a multitude of pain sources from the spine, major joints, headaches, and intractable chronic back and leg pain through the exciting worlds of Neuro-modulation and regenerative medicine.