Dr. Sharrona Williams is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a specialty focus in foot and ankle, as well as general orthopaedic ailments. Dr. Williams has a specific niche in foot and ankle, both in non-surgical and surgical treatments, providing expert care for pediatric and adult patients. As Wilmington Health continues to grow and prioritize expanding care and access to the patients in our community, we look to strengthen our already outstanding Orthopaedic and Foot and Ankle departments, and Dr. Williams is yet another step towards accomplishing that goal.

Dr. Williams shares the focus of the department of fusing technology and technique, as well as providing non-surgical and conservative treatments as a primary goal within a patient’s treatment plan. Dr. Williams is also a skilled and expert surgeon and opts to perform minimally invasive surgeries whenever possible. Dr. Williams has a holistic approach to orthopaedic care by focusing on all aspects of a patient’s orthopaedic recovery from education, footwear, posture, analysis of daily routines, ergonomics, fitness, and more. The goal is to support patients in reviving their once, active lifestyles.

Dr. Williams graduated Magna cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Doctor of Medicine degree, and she completed her Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Atlanta Medical Center. Dr. Williams then completed her Fellowship in Foot & Ankle Surgery with Duke University Orthopaedics. Dr. Williams has produced several clinical publications focused on orthopaedic and foot and ankle ailments and conditions. Dr. Williams is one of very few in the Southeast that perform the Subtalar Arthroereisis, a pediatric flatfoot correction, supporting patients in immediate correction and restoration of a patient’s arch.

Dr. Williams was a collegiate athlete, so her passion for orthopeadic treatments was fostered throughout her athletic passions, but post-graduation, she continued to pursue and advocate for athletics. She did Race Across America, a 3,000-mile cycling contest that started in California and ended in Maryland. She also competed locally in road racing, and she earned titles of State and Regional Champion 2 years in a row, all while working and serving as a revered orthopaedic surgeon. Being an active athlete herself, she understands the importance of maintaining a fit, well, and active body, so that you can continue doing the things that you love. Dr. Williams was also an orthopaedic patient herself, where she underwent a total knee replacement 4 months before riding across America as a cyclist. The surgery was required to achieve a stable knee allowing her to complete her cycling goals.

Dr. Williams is very passionate about being active in her community; by providing support to local organizations with an athletic or orthopaedic emphasis. She enjoys serving as an educator with local organizations, as well as a mentor to young women in the community by fostering an interest and drive to pursue an orthopaedic career path.

Dr. Williams’ ultimate goal is to support her patients in optimizing their body’s orthopaedic abilities and performance wherever possible, so that if you are an athlete, or non-athlete, you can return to being active and well.

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I saw Dr Sharrona Williams after months and months of foot pain, foot pain that was affecting my every day living to the point of barely being able to walk some days. We tried many different interventions throughout the course of several months and it was finally decided that I would need foot surgery in hopes to give me a better quality of living and working. I was met there by very friendly staff and Dr. Sharrona Williams is amazing, her bedside manner is outstanding and she takes the time to sit down, talk and explain things to her patients so the problem at hand is easily understood. If surgical intervention is involved she takes the time to draw out diagrams and explain the procedure step by step and what can be expected before, during and after the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Williams and the staff at Wilmington Health Orthopedics to anyone.

Ann Marie H.