Dr. Sharrona Williams brings an impressive track record to WH

Dr Williams at community event.

Dr. Sharrona Williams adds prestige to the Wilmington Health Orthopaedic and Foot and Ankle departments.

But her outstanding career as an orthopaedic surgeon is only part of it. Her resume includes star student, college athlete, and road racing champion. She is an educator and mentor, and a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Dr. Williams specializes in a rare but extremely beneficial surgical procedure, Subtalar Arthroereisis. And most importantly, you can see her with your orthopaedic concerns for TRUE Care at Wilmington Health. Her focus is on foot and ankle and general orthopaedic issues, non-surgically and surgically.

“Your feet are the base of your body,” Dr. Williams explained in an interview. “If your feet hurt, everything hurts. I have to look at that with what the rest of the body is doing.”

Dr. Williams’ expertise applies to pediatric and adult orthopaedics, an area in  which Wilmington Health excelled before she joined its ranks. Her arrival has boosted the expectations and potential of two of the most respected departments in the system.

“My goal is to optimize the musculoskeletal system in order to keep patients moving,” Dr. Williams said.

Dr. Williams melds technique and technology in her care and provides conservative care as part of treatment plans. As a surgeon, she is well-skilled and chooses minimally invasive procedures when possible. Her holistic approach to recovery includes:

  • Analysis of daily routines
  • Education
  • Ergonomics
  • Fitness
  • Footwear
  • Posture

Dr. Williams’ goal: To help patients restore their active lifestyles.

Her early career

Dr. Williams graduated with Magna cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Doctor of Medicine degree. She completed her Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Atlanta Medical Center. She did her fellowship in foot and ankle surgery at Duke University Orthopaedics. 

She has published numerous clinical papers focusing on orthopaedic and foot conditions. Few surgeons in the Southeast perform the pediatric flatfoot correctional procedure known as Subtalar Arthroereisis but Dr. Williams does. It can result in the quick correction and restoration of a patient’s arch.

When her collegiate athletic career ended, Dr. Williams continued her passion for orthopaedics.

She participated in Race Across America, a contest extending from California to Maryland — 3,000 miles. In local road racing, she won titles of State and regional champion for two consecutive years, while working as an orthopaedic surgeon. Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of Dr. Williams’ career path is that she is a renowned surgeon and patient.

Four months before participating in Race Across America, Dr. Williams underwent a total knee replacement. The procedure was necessary to stabilize her knee for cycling.

“Having been an orthopaedic patient made me a more empathetic and understanding physician,” Dr. Williams said.

What she does today

Dr. Williams is active in her community, lending support to local endeavors with an athletic or orthopaedic focus. She’s been an inspiration for young women to follow a career path in orthopaedics. 

She seeks to support patients in sharpening the body’s abilities to stay active and well, athletes and non-athletes.

“A good physician will care enough to listen and then make a difference in the patient’s life,” Dr. Williams said.