Benefits of the Wilmington Health-Innovo Research collaboration

Provider talking to a patient

Wilmington Health will leverage the strength of accountable care organizations to improve health care.

The provider will extend its venture with Christie Clinic, Innovo Research. Innovo Research is a provider-sponsored, provider-led network of accountable care organizations. These accountable care organizations (ACOs) incorporate clinical research in their population health strategy. 

This expansion could help increase medical research nationwide.

What is an accountable care organization?

ACOs are healthcare providers that provide coordinated care to Medicare patients. This is to provide the proper care when needed. Also, they work to avoid excessive repetition of services and avert medical mistakes. The effort is to provide quality care and wise spending of healthcare revenue. 

The ACO will then share in the savings it gains for Medicare.

What is population health strategy?

Population health strategy communities help organizations to reach sustainable outcomes. It causes a change in the continuum of care. Population health strategy moves away from concentrating improvement resources on finite populations. This approach is more proactive than reactive.

What does this mean for the organizations involved?

Jeff James is Wilmington Health’s CEO. He says this development will move Wilmington Health into several new states. 

“We have 400 more clinical research sites serving more than 4 million patients,” he said. “That’s with 2,000-plus providers in the research network.”

Christie Clinic CEO Kenny Bilger says it will lead to sounder outcomes. “It will impact the healthcare industry and the communities we serve,” he said. 

What does Innovo Research hope to accomplish?

Innovo Research hopes to ease research as a patient-care choice by revealing its importance to stakeholders. It also must decrease the time to create new therapeutics. It sustains the triple-aim aspirations of partner ACOs and their study interests.

What is the triple aim of healthcare?

  • Enhancing healthcare results for patients
  • Lowering healthcare expenses for patients and across the system
  • Improving engagement and satisfaction with their experience

Why should patients take part?

The National Institute of Aging says patients who take part in trials play a role in their health care. Benefits also include regular health check-ups and information from other support groups. 

Impacts of trials mean:

  • Diversified income sources for member ACOs
  • Higher patient engagement
  • More useful outcomes for patients
  • Reduced costs for the healthcare initiative

What other value does this announcement bring?

Innovo Research’s trials and research benefit, too. Also, tests will deliver value to the pharmaceutical industry. They will help with the practical methods of prospective trials. They will also help with observational analysis capacities when the therapeutic reaches the market.

Providers can also track patients throughout the development phases and therapeutic deployment. 

Innovo Research is working with other associations to support their provided services. It allied with Agilon Health to improve physicians’ participation in national clinical trials. Innovo Research helped to establish the Optum digital research network.

Through this network, Innovo can discover possible patient matches for studies. Innovo Research maintains sites in:

  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Texas
  • Washington

Innovo Research is seeking clinical research trial participants to help enhance medical therapies. Discover more about Innovo Research trials online at the Innovo Research website.