High quality care flyer

We partnered with Wilmington Health so that we could offer our employees a primary care provider and medical home on our campus. Many of our employees did not have a primary care provider relationship, were not up to date on preventative screenings, and frequently used urgent care and emergency rooms for medical needs. This led to higher costs of medical care and poor health outcomes for our employees. With this in mind, we needed a partnership that allowed us to offer amazing medical care to our employees on our campus.

We chose Wilmington Health for our campus clinic, as they were the one group that we felt was willing to meet us where we were as an organization, and who were willing to customize their approach to best fit our needs. We opened our clinic in 2019, and we have been blown away by what we’ve been able to accomplish together! In a few short years, we have truly built a medical home for our employees. We have an amazing provider and support team, and our employees love the quality of care they receive and the convenience of having medical facilities at work. We have seen great improvements in our population’s health, and an immediate return on our investment from lower costs of medical care.

I would highly recommend Wilmington Health to any organization that is looking for adding medical care to their organization. Our partnership with Wilmington Health has far exceeded our expectations, and we could not be more pleased by our outcomes, and the feedback we receive from our employees every day.

Chris McAbee Director Of Corporate Health, Live Oak Bank