Nurse looks into microscope

Laboratory Services

It is estimated that at least 70% of medical decisions and diagnoses are made based on laboratory results, and that is why Wilmington Health prides itself on providing excellent laboratory services for its providers and patients. Specimen collection and on-site point-of-care testing can be found at most Wilmington Health locations, making it easier to provide quick answers to urgent questions. This rapid point-of-care testing can include influenza A and B, Strep A, pregnancy, urinalysis, etc.

The Main Laboratory located at 1202 Medical Center Drive is operated by Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists who earned degrees to perform more in-depth analyses on blood, urine, and other bodily samples. They maintain and operate analyzers and manually evaluate samples, results, and other data to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the lab results that go to providers and patients. The testing they perform ranges from looking at urine and blood under a microscope to utilizing instrumentation with different methods to test hormone levels, vitamin levels, chemistry analytes, complete blood counts, coagulation, allergens, etc.

Lab tech carries samples