Body Composition Scan

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Wilmington Health Radiology is now the only provider in the region that offers the highly advanced, DEXA Body Composition assessment. This body composition scanner allows patients to understand their current body composition or body fat percentage for all types of reasons, such as those working towards weight loss or specific athletic fitness goals.

Body Composition Scanner

The Body Composition Scanner leverages DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) technology. DEXA uses a low dose X-ray to look at the density of the body and is able to estimate the amount of lean muscle mass and fat tissue. Understanding body fat percentage is crucial to understanding potential risks for Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and more. If the body fat percentage is noted as too high, our healthcare providers can guide our patients on an optimal treatment plan. And those patients who have a specific athletic goal for their body fat percentage can also track their success with these scans.


Our patients can simply text or call your provider’s office or call 910-815-3200 to schedule the Body Composition Scan. An official diagnostic order is not needed. If the patient or provider requests, the results can be delivered directly to the provider for support in evaluations and healthcare monitoring as needed.

Our licensed radiology technologists will safely perform this procedure.

Our 1202 Medical Center Drive location currently offers this service, with hopes of expanding to other locations in the coming years.

The average scan time is about 20 minutes.

The scan is considered a self-pay or elective procedure. The out-of-pocket cost is $80 per scan. Most patients who opt for this scan tend to purchase the bundle, as 4 scans allow for the patient to monitor successes along the way. Payments can be made over the phone at the time of scheduling.

With the Body Composition Scan, it’s ideal to get a baseline measurement. With this knowledge,
you can create a plan and set goals for your body fat percentage and overall health and wellness.
Regularly measuring this allows you to track your progress along the way. It is recommended to
have up to 4 scans, and schedule those every 4-5 weeks.

Patient must be 300lbs or less and/or 6ft tall or less, due to the weight and height capabilities of the machine.

Patients must inform technologist of potential pregnancy. If patient has had a contrast/barium examination, such as a CT scan, in the past 3-7 days, the patient may have to wait to schedule until a week after the contrast exam.

The only preparation suggestion is to wear comfortable clothing with no metal buttons or zippers.

You will be positioned to lie down on a padded table, and the scanner or imaging device will be
guided over you slowly to do a full scan of your body. We ask that patients hold very still during
the exam.

Note: The scanner is in an open setting, and patients with claustrophobia do not tend to have
issues with this scan.

Your results will be printed for you and you will be provided a copy.