3D Mammography


3D Mammography is currently available at 1202 Medical Center Drive, 6727 Parker Farm Drive in MayfaireLeland and Jacksonville.

To reschedule an appointment or for questions regarding an appointment, please contact your referring physician’s office.

Why have your next mammogram at Wilmington Health


• The latest and most advanced 3D mammography on the market

• The absolute lowest radiation dose among all 3D mammography systems in the world

• Designed with patient care in mind, offering rounded edges and fiber carbon rather than metal

• Newly designed paddles almost eliminate compression discomfort

• Actual exam less than 10 minutes

Mammography machine


• Dedicated and experienced breast technologists

• Trained to perform 3D mammograms on patients with breast implants

• Certified in their field

• Compassionate, respectful, and friendly

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