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Foot & Ankle


Rely on our podiatrists for all of your foot, ankle, and lower extremity needs. In addition to assisting you with custom orthotics, the comprehensive foot and ankle center is equipped to treat all ailments of the lower extremity. 

Some of these ailments may include: arthritis, accessory bones, achilles tendon pathology/rupture, bunions, cavus deformities, charcot deformities, diabetic limb salvage, equinus, flat feet, foot and ankle arthroscopy, fractured bones, hammertoe deformities, ingrown toenails, nail problems, neuromas, nonunions/malunions, osteomyelitis, plantar fasciitis/heel pain, plantar fibromas, plantar warts, residual clubfoot, sesamoid injuries/turf toe, sports injuries, strains/sprains, and ulcerations.

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