Chronic Care Management

Constant Care for Chronic Conditions

Wilmington Health has partnered with McKesson to offer CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT

This program was created to provide a higher level of healthcare services to our Medicare patients who suffer from two or more chronic conditions.

By enrolling, your team will:

  • Spend extra time answering your health-related questions

  • Help you understand how and when to take your medications

  • Assist you in finding appropriate community resources

  • Provide a personalized, comprehensive care plan

  • Allow access to a clinical staff member and electronic care plan 24/7  

  • Coordinate communications between your healthcare providers

  • Help you manage all your care needs, including care that may be received at other locations, such as specialist’s offices, hospitals, and other health care facilities

The goals of Chronic Care Management are to:

  • Provide you with the best care possible

  • Improve your health & health management techniques

  • Keep you educated and informed about your conditions, medications, and overall health

  • Keep you out of the hospital

  • Minimize costs and convenience to you due to unnecessary visits to doctors, emergency rooms, labs, or hospitals

How to Sign Up

Talk to your Wilmington Health primary care or specialty physician about signing up. 

We hope you will consider participating in the Chronic Care Management program with our practice. You have the right to discontinue or revoke this service at any time, for any reason. 

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Cost to Enroll
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