After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Elon University, Dr. George graduated from Medical College of Georgia. He completed his Internal Medicine residency at Warren Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University. His Rheumatology fellowship was at Duke University in Durham, NC.

In 2003, Dr. George received the Fulton Regional Hospital Volunteer Scholarship. In October 2001, he was awarded the August R. Roesel Award for Research Excellence in Biochemistry. From August 1998-May 2001, he was involved in the Graduate Research Assistantship at the Medical College of Georgia.

Dr George in the Infusion Center

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Cleveland Clinic

The Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center

Gout Education


Genetics of hyperuricemia and gout: implications for the present and future

Pegloticase for treating refractory chronic gout

What started this? Debilitating longitudinally-extensive myelitis


Clinical Interests

Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions including autoimmune-based arthritis, connective tissue disease, vasculitis, and non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis and chronic refractory gout

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How does Ronald George Jr. compare?

  • How would you rate getting an appointment as soon as you needed? 

    4.43 out of 5
  • How would you rate how well this provider communicates? (easy to understand, listens carefully to you, shows respect for what you had to say, sensitivity, friendliness)

    4.65 out of 5
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"Dr. George is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field. He seems to know exactly what each patient needs. His Diagnostic skills are the best. I'm so thankful for him being my rheumatologist."


"Dr. Ronald George saved my life, and the staff there have gone out of their way to assist me in getting the meds I require."


"Everyone was so accomodating, friendly and professional. My experience began with the clinical staff who processed my appointment. Then my first visit with Dr. George was amazing! Dr. George appears to be a very thorough doctor who really is sincere in providing excellent health care. Also, he was very patient and compassionate. I have confidence and gratitude with him taking care of my medical needs!"


“Best rheumatologist ever! I have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis twice now. He figured it out immediately without me even telling him that. The longer wait is more than worth it!! You will see a Doctor who is very knowledgeable, very kind and caring, and enjoys a challenge since I have a couple other painful health issues going on. I went from my worst Dr. appt ever to the best Dr appt ever with Dr. George. Dr. George is such an answer to prayer and has a real desire to help others. I can’t thank him enough!"

Nioma M.

"Dr. George and his staff are the best team of medical professionals I have interacted with, and I've been seeing rheumatologist teams since 2007. Dr. George communicates openly and honestly, and does not condescend to his patients. He explains all details of conditions, symptoms, medications, side effects, and lab results clearly and in a way anyone can understand, answering any and all questions you might have. He and his team assist with finding pharmacies that offer prescribed medications with considerations for each individual's budget and insurance coverage limitations. He is a proponent of vitamins, natural supplements such as turmeric, anti inflammatory diets, and a holistic approach to overall health in support of medical treatment plans. I feel lucky to have found care that I can trust while I navigate my auto-immune health journey."

Shaylah P.