Dr. Berthold attended medical school at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. Her residency and fellowship were at Baystate Medical Center/Tufts University. She is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Board Eligible in Pediatrics.

Clinical Interests

General adult and pediatric infectious disease and HIV

Patient Satisfaction

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How does Gina Berthold compare?

  • How would you rate how well this provider communicates? (easy to understand, listens carefully to you, shows respect for what you had to say, sensitivity, friendliness)

    4.78 out of 5
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    4.59 out of 5

"I chose to practice infectious disease because it combines my love of science and microbiology with my passion for caring for people."

Gina Berthold, MD


Very good doctor when she treated my husband. Seemed like she had a interest in her patients well being.