Caryn graduated from Duke University School of Nursing in Durham with her MSN. She received her BSN from the University of Pennsylvania. She is board certified as a nurse practitioner.

Family is very important to Caryn. She has three children with her husband Allen. Caryn, her husband, and family like to spend time together in a variety of outdoor activities. They love to hunt, fish, and relax in the country. They reside in Atkinson, NC, and live on 12 acres, where they raise cows, pigs, and chickens.

Caryn provides additional services for pediatric patients, including Nexplanon insertions, asthma care, and spirometry.

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Clinical Interests

General pediatrics, adolescents, female health, and asthma

Patient Satisfaction

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How does Caryn Bowden compare?

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    4.78 out of 5
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    4.83 out of 5

"I started as a nurse in Pediatrics and after many different turns in the road, returned to pediatric medicine after attending graduate school. I find that it is easier to make changes in one's life and be a positive influence when they are young."

Caryn Bowden, FNP-C


We love her so much! She genuinely cares about our daughter and was so thorough! She took her time giving the exam and explained everything she was doing to us as she went. I highly recommend her!