Dr. Forystek graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her internal medicine internship and residency at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. She was the Honor’s Scholarship Recipient at Liberty University (2000-2004) and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (2011).

Dr. Forystek and her husband have lived in Wilmington since 2004. They have two daughters, Emery and Ainsley.

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Clinical Interests

Preventive medicine, women’s health, and thyroid disease

Patient Satisfaction

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How does Ashley Forystek compare?

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    4.72 out of 5
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    4.72 out of 5

"I chose to specialize in Internal Medicine due to my interest in caring for the acute and chronic illnesses seen in adults. My goal is to provide comprehensive healthcare to patients and participate in the continuity of their care."

Ashley Forystek, DO


"This was my first visit at this office and I was very pleased with how kind all of the staff was. Dr Forystek has wonderful beside manner and seemed interested and knowledgeable about my concerns."


"I was seen in a very timely manner and was very happy with my visit to Dr. Forystek for my annual physical. She was respectful of the fact that I lean towards a more holistic health care approach."


"Dr. Forystek is always willing to listen and offer alternative solutions. When one doesn’t work she listens to your problems and tries to educate you as much as she can making you feel like she is on your team."


"It was short and quick because I was finally able to follow her directions to get my blood sugar down. Dr. Forstyk does a great job of explaining things and keeping it real. She's positive and encouraging. Best Doctor I've had."