Tools to Relieve Pain

Procedures Provided

Botox-A is a purified protein that, when injected at the site of a nerve trigger, can help relax overactive and painful muscles by blocking the release of a chemical that causes them to contract. It is often used for the treatment of headaches, cervical dystonia (which causes involuntary contractions of the neck muscles), jaw pain and muscle spasms. In addition, Botox can be used cosmetically to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Epidural Steroid Injection
An epidural steroid injection (ESI) a common method of treating low-back-related leg pain or neck-related arm pain that is caused by an inflammation of the spinal nerves. The procedure, which typically provides quick but sometimes short-term relief, sees a pain medicine injected into the epidural space, a largely fat-filled area that covers the spinal cord to protect it and surrounding nerves from damage.

Facet Joint Injection
A facet joint injection is a minimally invasive procedure targeting the facet joints, which are located on the backside of the spine and enable it to bend and turn as we move. The therapy uses a needle and syringe used to inject pain-relieving and/or anti-inflammatory medications that numb the facet joints causing pain in the neck or back. It typically provides pain relief within two to seven days after the injection.

Intracept by Relievant
Intracept by Relievant is an innovative type of radiofrequency ablation that targets the basivertebral nerve to treat chronic vertebrogenic pain in the lower back. It’s a minimally invasive outpatient treatment that can deliver long-term pain relief via a single, implant-free procedure with a short recovery period.

Nerve Block
A nerve block is often employed when a group of nerves is causing pain to a specific organ or body region in a patient. The procedure involves injecting a medication into the affected area in an effort to decrease inflammation or block a pain signal along a specific distribution of nerve. It is regularly used to treat pain in the head, chest, back, arms, legs and feet.

Neuromodulation is a series of techniques that involve direct stimulation of the nervous system with electrical signals. Along with medications, neuromodulation can be used to change the way nerves carry signals to and from the brain — and can ultimately result in reduced pain and increased mobility in patients with chronic pain.

Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation
Often used to treat pain of the neck, lower back or arthritic joints, radiofrequency nerve ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that destroys the nerve fibers carrying pain signals to the brain. To do so, the procedure uses a needle placed in close proximity to the nerve fibers being targeted, then sends radio waves through the needle to heat and destroy the nerve area responsible for causing a patient’s pain.

Regenerative Medicine for Joints
Regenerative medicine for joints involves administering injections in the shoulders, knees, hips and elbows in an effort to stimulate the body to repair its own joint tissues. It can be used to remedy joint pain and restore proper joint function in patients with age-related tissue breakdown, arthritis, and other issues causing joint discomfort and limited joint function.

Vertiflex is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat the leg and back pain caused by Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. Via the placement of a small spacer in the spine, it aims to help open the spinal canal at the spinous process, the bony projection found at the back of each of the spine’s vertebrae. The procedure is an exciting and innovative alternative way to treat spinal stenosis patients who cannot get or do not want a more invasive spinal surgery.

Post Mastectomy Pain
Classic symptoms of pain in the lateral chest wall, arm, and along surgical scar. We utilize ultrasound guidance to target nerves that are sometimes involved in generating the pain signals. We are able to treat this with multi-modal treatment modalities to include topical, pharmacotherapy, and interventional therapy, which is a vetegral? block, and this will reduce pain and improve quality of life.