Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DEI Statement

Our commitment to respecting and implementing diversity, equity, and inclusivity

Wilmington Health has been an established healthcare leader in our community for over 50 years.  Our core values of integrity and respect have remained unchanged and are the foundation of who we are and what we are about.  

We care   

We remain dedicated to bringing out the best in our community and ourselves.  We come from very diverse backgrounds, religious beliefs, ethnic origins, socioeconomic status’, sexual orientations, and cultural upbringings. The uniqueness of our individual journeys makes us better caregivers.  

You matter to us.  

We are committed to provide equal quality healthcare to all members of our community. We acknowledge that healthcare in our nation has not always lived up to its promise. “Our past does not define us.  It prepares us.”  We pledge to be part of the solution.  

We are your Wilmington Health. 

Diversity: We respect the unique and extraordinary identities, characteristics, voices, experiences, and perspectives of the valued team members and patients of our organization. 

Equity: We apply practices that ensure our valued team members and patients have equitable access, resources, opportunities, and treatment. 

Inclusivity: We dedicate ourselves to implementing practices that are inclusive and that celebrate the unique differences of each of our valued team members and patients. 

Core Values: At Wilmington Health, one of our core values is to maintain respect for our colleagues, staff, patients, and the practice. We exhibit respect by appreciating the unique qualities, achievements, traditions, rights, wishes, and backgrounds of each employee and valued community members that we serve. We showcase that respect by ensuring each voice is heard, actively listening, and actively responding. We commit ourselves to responding to challenges, biases, or barriers that arise and will do our part to eliminate those hurdles so that we can effectively collaborate as an organization. The true value of diversity is that we can all learn from one another and that we can explore the unique perspectives of those within our organization that will allow us to succeed now and as we progress to the future. We will continue to embrace and accept change, as that is also one of our core values at Wilmington Health. We choose to stand together and strongly support our valued team members, patients, and community in a unified fashion.  

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement: Wilmington Health is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing equal opportunities to all applicants and employees. We are committed to treating everyone equally and with respect regardless of race, age, sex, religion, national origin, citizenship, marital status, veteran’s status, sexual preference, disability, genetic information or any other class protected under state or federal law.