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The Wilmington Health team consists of primary care providers and a wide range of specialists, all of whom strive to provide patients with TRUE Care. Click the link below to learn more about our world-class providers, our array of patient services and specialties, and our locations throughout the Cape Fear region.

Antibiotic resistance: Here’s what you should know about it

Often, people equate being sick with needing an antibiotic. This is usually NOT true! In fact, when not needed, antibiotics do more harm than good!

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WH Direct provides our region’s employers with the best access for their valued employees. With our Occupational Medicine walk-in clinics, our WH Direct on-site clinics, ongoing educational program, and workplace safety focus, we’re here to help your teams be productive, safe, and healthy!

Today’s Care

When you and your loved ones need non-emergency care for minor ailments such as UTIs, allergies, infections, sprains, pains, and cuts — as well as specialist referrals and help coordinating X-rays, CTs, MRIs, ultrasound, and more — our conveniently located non-emergency care centers offer easy, walk-in access. Discover how our Today’s Care and Today’s Care+ locations can quickly and easily meet your healthcare needs.

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Wilmington Health Ambulatory Surgery Center is now open

Robotic Surgery Launches at the Ambulatory Surgery Center

Wilmington Health, a leading healthcare provider in the region, has launched Robotic Surgery at their Ambulatory Surgery Center. Committed to staying at the forefront of medical technology, Wilmington Health surgeons have expanded their expertise in robotic surgery, offering patients advanced minimally invasive procedures across various specialties, including general surgeries such as hernias and gallbladders, and gynecology.

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A regional leader in clinical research

WH Research, our highly respected and experienced research division, has been at the forefront of clinical trials in our region for more than two decades. Offering 50-plus in-progress studies at any given time, it’s always striving to actively support the development of new treatments and medications — and to deliver improved outcomes and outstanding value to our patients.