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​Premium Reducers: Targeted Employee Programs

​Premium Reducers: Targeted Employee Programs

Health insurance is more than a great employee benefit, it can also make your company stand out when it comes to hiring.

So how can you lower costs and still provide higher quality healthcare? Choose a healthcare plan that includes Wilmington Health. 

With our Electronic Health Record (EHR), we can track outcomes, which helps us identify your high-risk employees. Because we can identify them, we can create intervention programs to get their health back on track. 

When your employees are healthy, it's better for your bottom line:

  • Employees are more productive.
  • In the long run, you'll pay less for healthcare premiums.
  • Your employees will spend less time at the doctor and less money on healthcare.
  • You won't pay as much in overtime to cover absent employees. 

Wilmington Health wants your employees to stay healthy just as much as you do. If your healthcare plan doesn't include Wilmington Health, it should.