Male Urology

Dr. David Kraebber at Wilmington Health Urology treats conditions and diseases of the male urinary and urogenital tract (reproductive organs), including the bladder, prostate, and kidneys. He has extensive training in complex stone management with minimally invasive techniques. He is trained in treating male sexual dysfunction and performs in-office vasectomies, prostate exams and biopsies.

Dr. Kraebber and his team at Wilmington Health understand that men are at their best when they feel their best.

Get The Facts
Erectile Dysfunction
Genitourinary Birth Defects – undescended testicle, more 
Kidney Stones
Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY)
Penile Cancer
Peyronie’s Disease
Prostate – prostatitis, prostate enlargement, more
Prostate Cancer
Swollen Testicles and Scrotum – epididymitis, hydrocele , orchitis, varicocele, tumors, more
Testicular Cancer
Urinary Tract Infections