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Patient Testimonials

"Love the virtual visits"

“Used it yesterday, and it was very easy and complete”

"Last appointment was a 'virtual' one to review blood tests and translate what they meant.  Great way to avoid unnecessary travel/time for such information.  Way to go WH"

"I haven't had the experience in the office as of yet, but as far as via video visit I'm well satisfied."

“I have all my kiddos at home right now, and it was awesome how I was able to knock out all of their appointments in a video visit like this. We were all able to stay home, as opposed to the hassle of gathering us all up in the car.”

"All were exceptional, the girl who helped me on tel med call was so helpful"

"I was fully satisfied with my virtual office visit"

'Love Wilmington Health. I hope they continue virtual visits.  Very convenient"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the option of having our appointment via FaceTime. It was simple and alleviated the need to worry about getting sick when you’re simply going to the doctor for a med refill/evaluation. Excellent option!

"This virtual visit was awesome!"

"My last "visit" was a virtual one but every other visit is in the office and I have to say all their staff there is just amazing!"

"Continue with virtual appts!"

"I actually had a virtual appointment. All participants involved with this process have done an outstanding job."

"My virtual clinic appointment was so easy."

“This is very nice for people that are homebound or semi-homebound”

“Hubby and I both did this recently, and it was great!”