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Wilmington Health Anywhere

Patient Checklist

Please use the following checklist when setting up and preparing for your WH Anywhere Virtual Visit:

  • You will receive an appointment confirmation email or text that supports testing your device and making sure you have theappropriate browser. See sample e‐mail below.
  • Set up camera at eye level
  • Test microphone and speaker
  • Take visit in a quiet room
  • If possible, have a family member or someone with you to help take notes or ask questions
  • If possible, take blood pressure and write down reading
  • If possible, weigh yourself and write down your weight
  • Have a list of your medication including dosage and frequency
  • Take your temperature and write down reading
  • Write down any updates to your family medical history
  • Have a list of all of your healthcare providers and suppliers
  • List any questions you may have for the doctor