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The specialists at Wilmington Health Urology treat diseases and malfunctions of the bladder, prostate, and kidney in adults. They are specifically concerned with the function of the male urogenital tract (reproductive organs) and the female urinary tract. Our urologists have additional training in laser surgery, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (for the treatment of kidney stones), and ultrasound applications in urological surgery. The urology team is also trained to address problems concerning male sexual dysfunction and infertility as well as perform in-office vasectomies and biopsies.

Our Urology providers

Wilmington - 1202 Medical Center
David M. Kraebber, MD
Gail Robinson, FNP-BC
Brooke Maple, NP
Deborah Hess, MD
Gail Robinson, FNP-BC
Brooke Maple, NP

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