Urgent Care

How Urgent Care Works

Urgent Care sees patients with a wide range of illnesses and injuries. We see everything from colds, minor scrapes, and bruises to potentially life-threatening conditions.

  • We take all patients seriously. However, the severity of other patients’ conditions may affect your wait time.
  • Our front desk staff is trained to recognize serious symptoms, so patients with issues like bleeding, chest pains, or uncontrolled vomiting will likely be taken before patients with sinus problems.
  • Wait times are hard to predict based on the diversity of cases we see and because we operate on a walk-in basis, but we try to keep our front desk up to date with a best estimate.
  • Please understand there are multiple providers at this office, some with scheduled appointments, so it may seem that some patients are taken “out of turn.” If you have concerns, please speak with the receptionist.

It is our aim to make your visit as pleasant as possible. 

Download our Urgent Care Fact Sheet