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Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine

Helping You Find Relief From Pain


Chronic pain is an issue that affects millions of people every year. It can be debiliating to the individual and can have a major impact on one's overall health. In Pain and Regenerative Medicine, we will work with you to find pain management and innovative restorative options in the treatment of your pain. Our medical team, led by Dr. Christopher Hess, who was recently board certified in regenerative medicine, is here to get you back to the quality of life that you want and deserve.

Every persons pain is different and can impact not only movement, but many organs and systems throughout the body. That's why we have multiple treatment options at our disposal to make sure that an individualized care plan can be created for you. We focus our efforts on managing pain in two areas of emphasis:

Through careful discussion, examination, and testing, our medical team will work with you to determine the best course of treatment for you.

Wilmington Health is now offering WH Anywhere, Virtual Visits! Injections are still being conducted in-clinic, based on initial telehealth and in-office temperature screening. Please call into your doctor’s office today to inquire about appointment options, as most can be conducted via a Virtual Visit.

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Hess, Christopher, MD
Lancaster, Jessica, PA-C

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