Permanent Contraception

Essure is the only in-office, non-incisional procedure for women who want permanent contraception.

Using a transcervical hysteroscopic approach, an Essure insert is placed in the proximal section of each fallopian tube. The insert expands to conform to the natural contours of the fallopian tube lumen and immediately anchors. Over the next 3 months, the insert elicits a benign occlusive tissue in-growth response, which permanently occludes the fallopian tube, resulting in permanent birth control.

After 3 months, the Essure Confirmation Test (modified HSG) is performed to verify both proper location of the Essure insert and bilateral tubal occlusion. Patients must have the Essure Confirmation Test to verify that the Essure inserts are in the correct location and that the fallopian tubes are occluded. Failure to perform the Essure Confirmation Test (modified HSG) can result in unintended pregnancy. When presented as an important benefit of the Essure procedure, patients appreciate the confirmation test because they know Essure is working and they can rely on it for permanent birth control. Patients must use an alternative form of birth control (except IUD or IUS) after the Essure procedure until receiving verification from their Health Care provider that they can rely on Essure for permanent birth control.

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