Family Medicine

Patient Testimonials

"This is a follow up to my visit today. I want to comment on the atmosphere in the office and around the nurse's station in general.

"I always look forward to my visits because the staff is not only accommodating but give us (the patient) a sense of security in knowing we are really being looked after. Here on the Island many of us are long term residents and patients at Wilmington Health. 

"I hear many positive comments about the Doctors, Nurses, and ancillary staff. It is comforting to know that I have a competent health team taking care of my needs."



"A big thank you to Dr. Sotir and Nurse Stephanie! I had my bloodwork done at Federal Point and a day later Dr Sotir in Porters Neck had called my pharmacy with the necessary changes to my prescription.

"Stephanie called to let me know and the call came while I was standing in line to pick up my other prescription. Great timing and great team work! Saved me a trip into town and showed me how prompt and on the ball the medical team is.

"What a wonderful feeling to have someone looking out for your health and not putting you off until they get around to it! Thanks again to everyone and to the Federal Point staff who got my results to her so quickly!"

- Sandy