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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Insulin Pump Support Group

Contact Linda Sharenow at 910.763.6332 to find out how you can get involved.

Pumpers and Friends,

We have the next meeting set for the Wilmington Pump Club at 6PM, Feb 28th and have a great speaker.  Laura A. Hite, RN, BSN, CDE,  Sr. Clinical Business Manager, Johnson and Johnson Diabetes Care Companies, Animas Corporation will be coming down from Raleigh and will be talking about several things that will help all of us and will especially bring out a lot of discussion.  She has listed several topics that will be covered; “Timing Is Everything”, "Troubleshooting the Not So Obvious” and “Getting Back to Basics”.  I have heard Laura talk before and she is very interesting.

We will meet at Wilmington Health (Big White Building) 1202 Medical Center Drive, Wilmington in the 2nd floor Lobby.

Bring all your questions!

Linda Sharenow CDE will also be with us to share her knowledge and answer those difficult insurance questions.

Hope to see you there.