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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Insulin Pump Support Group

Contact Linda Sharenow at 910.763.6332 to find out how you can get involved.

Hello Pumpers,

Hope everyone had a great Summer!  Hard to believe I am talking about September already.

We received such a positive response and comments from the last Pump Club Meeting that we are going to repeat the same theme at the next meeting.  We have picked a date, September 12th at 6PM and will meet at the Wilmington Health Big White Building, 1202 Medical Center Drive, Wilmington in the second floor lobby.

We are going to do another “Ask the Educator” night where we will try to stump our favorite educator, nutritionist and pump trainer Linda Sharenow.  We will have some device representatives that will share their advice, hints and clarification.  I know there will be insurance questions, answers and hints.

At this meeting, we want question/comments/hints from everyone.  We want hard and the most basic questions on pumps, CGM, insurance issues and nutrition.  Please write down your 3 question/comments/hints so we can call on everyone and hear from everyone. 

Look forward to seeing all of you September 12th.

Jim Pope
910 208-3151