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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Classes

The American Diabetes Association has recognized our diabetes self-management education program, which means that our education program for patients with diabetes meets all of the national standards for quality diabetes instruction.

Wilmington Health endocrinologists require that all new patients with diabetes participate in our Diabetes Education Program prior to seeing one of the endocrinologists, or diabetes specialists. This is our opportunity to review what you already know and what you are doing to manage your diabetes, and we can provide you with instructions and guidelines that will help us coordinate your diabetes care.

There are two classes, each takes about two hours, and they should be covered by most insurance plans for persons with diabetes.

Class 1

The first class covers what diabetes is, how it is diagnosed, the importance of monitoring blood sugars at home, what the blood sugar readings should be, as well as what the hemoglobin A1c test means. We will also cover diabetes medications and how they work in the body, the value of daily physical activity for the person with diabetes, stress management, setting goals for improved diabetes self-care, and simple strategies for creating a carbohydrate-controlled meal plan.

Class 2

For the second class, the educator will review blood sugar readings, food records, and behavior changes made since the first class. She will also support and encourage the participants to continue working on diabetes self-care behavior goals. Topics covered include diabetes complications and how to recognize and prevent problems within the eyes, heart and cardiovascular system, kidneys, and nerves. Proper diabetic foot care is another important topic in this class.  Throughout this session, the focus is on supporting each person with diabetes to achieve an A1c less than 7% through a healthy lifestyle that includes weight management, blood pressure control, daily physical activity, and good nutrition and meal planning. Nutrition topics include label reading for good vs. bad fats, sodium, and fiber, and how to make healthier choices when eating in restaurants.

For All Diabetes Patients

Whether you have had diabetes for many years or you’ve just recently been diagnosed with diabetes, ongoing education about diabetes is important. New strategies for improved blood sugar monitoring, new medications and new approaches for achieving a healthy lifestyle (physical activity and healthy eating) are being developed daily. Wilmington Health strives to provide education and diabetes care services that reflect the latest advances in the field and our genuine commitment to patient-centered care.

Meet Your Certified Diabetes Educators

Diana Davis RDN, LDN, CDE





Heidi Kaufman MS, RDN, LDN, CDE





Linda Sharenow MS, RDN, LDN, CDE 





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