Premium Reducers: Restructuring Healthcare Benefits

Premium Reducers: Restructuring Healthcare Benefits

Your employees look to you to ensure they are getting the best healthcare at the lowest cost.

As a business owner or HR director, this means looking into every option, including restructuring benefits.

Here are some options that other companies facing the same challenge have implemented:

  • High-deductible health plans: With higher deductibles, insurance premiums are lower. This plan may help encourage employees to take better care of themselves to avoid out-of-pocket payments. 
  • Tiered contributions for dependents: When you adopt a tiered contribution system for dependents, your employees may reconsider adding a spouse who is on their own health plan through work. 
  • Modifying plan options: Some employers choose to share more of the cost of healthcare with their employees; others may reduce or change the healthcare plan to shift the cost of services to the employees who use them the most. 

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