Avian Flu Vaccine

Medical Condition: Avian Flu

Facility/Clinic: Accellacare

Age: 18 or older

Gender: Male/Female

Description: What is Avian Flu? Avian influenza (also called bird flu) occurs naturally among birds; however, human infections have occurred. Because of the possibility that avian influenza type A viruses could change and gain the ability to spread easily between people, it is important to study a vaccine to determine whether it could help address public health needs if an outbreak occurs. PMG Research is enrolling a study evaluating an investigational avian flu vaccine that could be used in the event of an outbreak. To participate in this research study you must:

  • Be healthy
  • Not have any known or suspected immunosuppressive, autoimmune, or immunodeficient conditions

Other criteria apply. Qualified participants will receive all study-related care and study vaccine at no cost.

Enrollment: Open

Patient Commitment Duration: Approximately 1 year

Number of visits in study: Approximately 3 clinic visits and 6 phone calls

Patient Compensation: Financial compensation will be provided for time and travel expenses.

The team at WH Research can guide interested clinical research participants through the process of enrolling in a trial.
Please call 910-362-4040 between the hours of 8am-5pm for general research questions.