Premium Reducers for Business Owners

Premium Reducers for Business Owners

We've created a special section of the kNOw Comparison web site for business owners, managers, and anyone who's interested in lower health insurance premiums for their company.

Targeted Employee Programs
Restructuring Healthcare Benefits
Optimizing Your Network
Incentives for Healthy Living

Become an educated business owner

Evaluate your company's insurance plan costs to see how you rank against other companies. Total plan costs include your company premiums along with deductibles and out-of-pocket costs your employees pay. Wilmington Health is committed to helping you keep your employees healthy to keep your overall premiums down.

Overall when companies take charge of their healthcare plans, they see a reduction of overall costs. The median cost reduction was almost 1.5% in only four years. Wilmington Health wants to be a part of your company's plan evaluation.

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Insights from Jeff James

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