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Patient Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities

Know your responsibilities to get the best possible healthcare

  • Seek medical attention promptly.
  • Be honest about your medical history.
  • Ask about anything you do not understand.
  • Follow health advice and instructions.
  • Report significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve.
  • Work with your provider and nurse on management of pain.
  • Respect clinic policies.
  • Seek non-emergency care during regular business hours.
  • Provide useful feedback about services.
  • Make prompt payments on your account and be knowledgeable about your insurance coverage.
  • Keep appointments or cancel in advance.

Patients who do not attend scheduled appointment will be assessed a fee for reservation and utilization of company resources. The policy will follow a graduated scale of increasing fees or action by the organization as follows:

  1. First no show: Patient receives a letter.
  2. Second no show: Along with another letter, patient is notified that they will not be rescheduled anywhere in the clinic unless they first make a pre-payment of $50. This money will be applied to their financial responsibility to the practice.
  3. Third no show: Letter will go out informing the patient that they have been dismissed from the clinic.