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​Premium Reducers: Optimizing Your Network

​Premium Reducers: Optimizing Your Network

When it comes to reducing the cost of your employees' healthcare plans, it's important to ensure that the quality of care is not diminished.

One way to do this is to optimize your network. 

  • High performance/narrow networks: You can lower your premium costs by using networks with fewer providers, and because the providers rank higher in quality, you are not compromising your employees' care.
  • Centers of excellence: Centers of excellence typically focus on providing a certain type of care, for example, breast health, heart and vascular, or orthopaedic. These centers provide care for routine to complex surgeries, and because they are committed to performing these types of procedures, they have better outcomes at a lower price.
  • Payment methodologies that hold providers accountable: Accountable Care Organizations, like Wilmington Health is part of, pay providers who keep their patients healthy more than those who don't. So you have healthier employees and lower health insurance premiums.
  • Pharmacy management: Look into what different pharmacies have to offer, you may be missing out on cost savings if you don't.

When you choose a health plan that includes Wilmington Health, you can count on optimized healthcare.