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Wilmington Health Mammography Expands

Wilmington Health’s board-certified technologists are now accepting mammography referrals at Wilmington Health at Porters Neck, 8108-B Market Street, Wilmington. Each scan is read by a radiologist and the high-quality images are sent to the provider to help make the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Wilmington Health’s mammography services feature innovative technology, including: CAD software dedicated to advancing the early detection of breast cancer; shorter intervals between exposures; and breast density software used to calculate an objective measurement of a woman’s breast density.

“At Wilmington Health, we aspire to provide the community with quality, convenient care using the highest level of medical technologies and skills available,” said Jeanne Benfield, Wilmington Health’s Associate Director of Ancillary Services. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to expand our innovative mammography services to area residents.”

Wilmington Health Mammography is also conveniently located at 2421 Silver Stream Lane, Wilmington. If you have an upcoming mammogram or other imaging appointment, call 910.772.6599 to find out how you can be referred to Wilmington Health Mammography or visit to learn more.

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Endocrinology Provider Receives Certification

Michael Favorito, MD, ECNU, has received his Endocrine Certification in Neck Ultrasound (ECNU)

Wilmington Health Names Provider of the Year

Caryn Bowden, FNP-C, recognized for leadership excellence