Matt Janik, MD, FACC, Publishes Book

Dr. Matt Janik, a Wilmington Health Cardiologist, has published a book, Get More from Your Score, which is a patient guide to Cardiac Calcium Scoring (CCS) and how to use it to live a longer, healthier life. CSS is a quick, painless, non-invasive procedure performed in a CT scanner. During this 30-second test, cardiologists can determine the degree and severity of hard plaque in the coronary arteries and interpret their patients’ risk for heart attack and heart disease—before it’s too late.

“I’m passionate about the value CSS can have for both physicians and patients,” Dr. Janik said. “Doctors can use it as a diagnostic tool to treat heart disease earlier. And the more patients understand about their CSS and what that number means, the more they can make changes to lower their risk of heart attack in the future.”

Dr. Janik also heads Wilmington Health Cardiology’s HeartScore CSS program and is the founder of Your Heart Report. His book is available at To schedule a HeartScore test or make an appointment with Dr. Janik, call Wilmington Health Cardiology at 910.341.3301.

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