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Endocrinology Provider Receives Certification

Dr. Michael Favorito, a physician with Wilmington Health Endocrinology, has passed the certification exam in neck ultrasound.

ECNU is a professional certification in neck ultrasonography for physicians performing consultations and diagnostic evaluations for thyroid and parathyroid disorders using diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration (UGFNA). Physicians who pass the Comprehensive Certification Examination and successfully complete the Validation of Competency Process are awarded ECNU certification. 

Dr. Favorito earned a Bachelor of Science from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City University of New York at City College and a Doctor in Medicine at the State University of New York at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. He is board certified in internal medicine and endocrinology.

Dr. Favorito is accepting new patients at Wilmington Health Endocrinology (1500 Physicians Drive, Wilmington, and 1000 Brabham Avenue, Jacksonville). To schedule an appointment with Dr. Favorito, please ask your primary care physician to refer you to him.

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