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Lower Cost Healthcare

Lower Cost Healthcare

Do you ever wonder why healthcare procedures or office visits don't come with a price tag?

Now, thanks to new online tools, you can compare both cost and quality when it comes to procedures and physicians.

By taking a closer look at cost and quality, you can get the most out of your healthcare plan, while saving your employer—and even the healthcare system—money. It's patients who comparison shop who are going to make the biggest difference when it comes to lowering healthcare costs.

Try out these tools for yourself!


Become an educated healthcare consumer

Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina offers a great tool to help keep you aware of your healthcare costs. Put in a treatment or service along with your location and it will provide several options for your comparison. Wilmington Health wants you to get the most out of your healthcare plan and continually works to keep costs as low as possible while still providing the highest quality healthcare.
In this side-by-side comparsion, you can see that Wilmington Health can provide substantial cost savings in the cost of an MRI.
This comparison also shows how Wilmington Health can save you money with a common surgical procedure such as a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy over the competition.

At Wilmington Health, we want to be completely transparent to our customer. There are times when part of our commitment to quality does cost you more for your healthcare. However, Wilmington Health is always reviewing our costs, services, and processes to see how we can reduce costs for you.