There’s Really kNOw Comparison.

There’s Really kNOw Comparison.

At Wilmington Health, we’re leading the charge locally on higher quality, lower cost healthcare, and we look forward to other healthcare providers and organizations joining us in making our community healthier both physically and financially.

We are looking internally at the quality of care we provide, using the latest technology to find gaps in care and also show us when our providers are exceeding expectations, but we aren’t stopping at quality.

By helping companies re-evaluate their healthcare plans and being transparent in the cost of services to our patients, we can truly make a difference in the healthcare environment in Southeastern North Carolina.

Become an educated healthcare consumer

Jeff James, CEO of Wilmington Health, explains why higher quality and lower cost healthcare is important and what Wilmington Health is doing to make the community healthier and more informed.

This chart shows how early diagnosis of breast cancer can increase survival rates as well as lower provider treatment costs. Wilmington Health recommends preventive screenings to help save money and lives.
Healthcare costs well surpassed all other goods and services measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U), illustrating the need to lower healthcare costs. Wilmington Health is doing its part to help in this effort.
Consumers need to take charge of their healthcare to see how rates affect their out-of-pocket insurance expenditures. Wilmington Health's costs and quality measures are completely transparent to help you make the best decision possible.

Lower Cost Healthcare

Now, thanks to new online tools, you can compare both cost and quality when it comes to procedures and physicians.

Higher Quality Healthcare

Eleven years ago, we implemented an Electronic Health Record (EHR), which allows us to not only compile data but to analyze that data to see how well we are doing as an organization; how our physicians are doing; and most importantly, how our patients are doing.

Premium Reducers for Business Owners

We've created a special section of the kNOw Comparison web site for business owners, managers, and anyone who's interested in lower health insurance premiums for their company.